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“Dunya” is an Arabic word which means “World.” The concept behind the brand and its name was to position it as an all-inclusive brand, a brand that motivates a lifestyle driven on wellness and healthy living. We hope that My Dunya can be the start to your own world of  a healthy lifestyle "joie de vivre"


Driven by creativity and passion, we focus our research on the innovations in health and lifestyle brands globally in order to assure you  have full benefits and value for your money.


We gurantee to have what you need , and if we don't we promise to source it to ensure you have it when you need it.

Dunya Home


Create relaxing spaces

for your home or office.




My Dunya Home


Our homes tell our stories , My Dunya wants to accentuate your spaces with beautiful and unique decor pieces. We believe it is joie de vivre.

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